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Patient Safety in ICU. The Role of Family Member's Participation in Nursing Care in Patient Safety? A Randomized Controlled Clinical Audit

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 3-9


Nosaibeh Zeinadini; Zahra Riyahi Paghaleh; Ali Ansari Jaberi; Tayebeh Negahban Bonabi

Common Medical Errors in Gastroenterology: A Mixed Method Study

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 19-27


Amir Sadeghi; Abbas Masjedi Arani; Foroozan Atashzadeh-Shoorideh; Marzieh Pazokian; Arezoo Qadimi; Hosna Karami khaman; Raziyeh Ghafouri

Patient Safety Huddles to Improve Teamwork and Communication: Frontline Staff Perspectives

Volume 11, Issue 4, October 2023, Pages 189-197


Jane Montague; Kate Crosswaite; Muhammed Faisal; Eileen McDonach; Mohammed Amin Mohammed; Rebecca Randell; Alison Cracknell; Alison Lovatt; Beverley Slater

Patient/client safety structures and processes in home care: A cross-sectional online survey

Volume 10, Issue 4, October 2022, Pages 131-146


Heli Vaartio-Rajalin; Auvo Rauhala; Jaana Kalliokoski; Tuija S Ikonen

Assessment of Human Factors & Ergonomics effecting Patient Safety Culture in a Tertiary Healthcare setting of a South Asian country

Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2022, Pages 71-82


Rajesh Harsvardhan; Ayush Mehrotra; Amit Agarwal; Pulak Sharma; Gaurav Pandey; Anu Behari

Patient Safety Culture Assessment of a Hospital in Tehran: A Case Study

Volume 9, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 225-234


Amir Tahmazi Aghdam; Hamideh Nafar; Asgar Aghaei Hashchin; Alireza Abbasi Chaleshtari; Sara Salehi

Patient Safety Reporting and Implementation during the Pandemic Covid 19

Volume 9, Issue 3, July 2021, Pages 141-153


Putu Sudarmika; Ni Nyoman Gunahariati; I Made Sutajaya; Ida Bagus Putu Arnyana; Gede Sudirtha

Knowledge and Attitude toward Patients’ Safety among Clinical Students in a South Western University, Nigeria

Volume 9, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 99-107


Olufemi-Oyebanji Oyediran; Helen-Chinyere Ofor; Emmaunel-Olufemi Ayandiran; Iyanuoluwa- Oreoofe Ojo

Patient Safety Indicators in Clinical Laboratories: An Exploratory Survey among Costa Rican Laboratory Professionals

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 3-17


Daniel Quesada-Yamasaki; Johan Alvarado-Ocampo; Ana Lucía Chinchilla-Ureña; Edgardo Arce-Soto

Role of Patient Safety Incident Reporting Systems in Home Hospitalization

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 19-27


Laura De la Torre-Pérez; Carme Hernández-Carcereny; Isabel Fortes Bazaga; Andreu Prat-Marin; Maria-Jesus Bertran Luengo

Effect of Patient Fall Prevention Program on Nurses' Knowledge and the Number of Patient Falls in one of the Teaching Hospitals in Mashhad during 2019

Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2020, Pages 187-192


Zolikha Saadati; Maliheh Sadeghnezhad; Maliheh Siasar; Marzieh Rajaeinasab; Maryam Touri

An Anesthesia Checklist: A Survey of Compliance and Attitudes

Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 69-76


Andrew O’Donoghue; Stephen Mannion

The nature of errors in emergency department and the role of detectors: A qualitative study

Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2019, Pages 137-143


Abbas Abbaszadeh; Fariba Borhani; Poya Farokhnezhad Afshar; Mehdi Ajri-khameslou

The Modified Cappuccini Test: A Proxy Indicator For Patient Safety in The Operating Theatre

Volume 7, Issue 4, October 2019, Pages 185-187


James Morris; Sean Mckeon; Jonathan Super; Rory Dyke; Kate Reynolds; John Hardman; Raymond Anakwe

Patient safety from the perspective of medical trainees: a cross sectional study in Iran

Volume 7, Issue 3, July 2019, Pages 105-109


Ali Akbar Rohani; Zahra Bameri; Habibeh Ahmadipour

Diagnostic reasoning as a medium for promoting patient safety

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2019, Pages 36-40


Leona Lally; Geraldine Mc Carthy; Gerard Flaherty

Evidence on the Patient Safety Culture and Nursing Work Environment in Iran

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 636-643

Abdolah Khorami Markani; Leila Mokhtari; Zahra Khanalilo

Perspectives of Multidisciplinary Staff toward the Improvement of Communication and Patient Safety by Safety Huddles

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 644-649


Aishwarya Venkataraman; Rory Conn; Rachel L Cotton; Sally Abraham; Maria Banaghan; Bridget Callaghan

Patient Safety and Its Components

Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2017, Pages 592-593


Mohd. Nasir bin Mohd. Ismail