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The journal reports and reflects research, improvement  initiatives and viewpoints and other discursive papers relevant to these crucial aims with contributions from researchers, clinical professionals and managers and experts in organizational development and behavior.

It is published by Patient Safety Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences,Mashhad, Iran.

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Journal publishes studies on all aspects of Patient  Safety, including medical, management, diagnostic, treatment, follow up and etc.The journal accepts papers from any country in this world.You can download EndNote library file for all articles published in previous issue in PSJ  here

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Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 3, July 2023 

Original Article

An Intelligent System for Management of Medical Equipment Maintenance

Pages 161-167


Abbas Izadi; Mohamad Amin Bakhshali; Hadi Ghasemifard; Omid Sarrafzadeh

The Outcome of Hospitalized Children with COVID-19 in a Referral Center in Yazd, Iran

Pages 169-174


Zahra Nafei; Nasrin Behniafard; Mehran Karimi; Mehrdad Shakiba; Abdolhamid Jafari; farzad Ferdosian; Fakhrosadat Azarpeykan; Farimah Shamsi; Alireza Emarati

An Intelligent System for Medical Oxygen Consumption Management Using Oximetry and Barometry

Pages 175-182


Abbas Izadi; Hadi Ghasemifard; Mohamad Amin Bakhshali; Nadia Roudsarabi; Omid Sarrafzadeh