Patient Safety Reporting and Implementation during the Pandemic Covid 19

Document Type : Original Article


1 Research and Development, Sanglah General Hospital

2 Quality and Patient Safety Committee, Sanglah General Hospital Denpasar

3 Science Education, Ganesha University of Education


The goal of this research was to determine the recording and implementation of patient safety during a pandemic.
Materials and Methods:
This study was conducted through in 2 phases. In the first phase, the design used is pre and post-design. The researchers analyzed patient safety reports from each treatment room. The data collected retrospectively were patient safety data in the patient safety recording 2019 and data in the 2020 report. The second part consisted of conducting structured interviews through focus group discussions held in two sessions, with five respondents in each session.
A total of 33 patient care units were included in this study. There were differences in the recording and reporting of patient safety before the pandemic and during the pandemic (P=0.001), there were differences in the implementation of patient identification (P= 0.026), there was a difference in effective communication (P= 0.040), while drug alertness was not significantly different (P= 0.970); there was a difference in the accuracy of surgical procedures (P= 0.016), there was a difference in infection prevention (P= 0.011), and prevention of falling risk (P= 0.001).
There was a decrease in the number of recordings and reporting on patient safety because officers serving patients are more focused on the condition of patients with Covid-19. Nurses are faced with a new disease that raises concerns about transmission and the use of complete PPE so that voices are not heard. Recommendations for using research results as learning materials in policymaking.