How can I submit a manuscript for publication in this journal?

For paper submission, authors should register themselves as an author in the journal website, and after receiving their username and password via email, they could sign in and enter their personal page and submit their manuscript.

Is it necessary for authors to sign the authorship responsibility form?

It is necessary for all of authors to read and sign the authorship responsibility form.

How long the review process of the manuscripts would take to be completed?

It usually takes not more than 3-4 weeks from the date of submission (rarely due to some unexpected problems the process may become longer).

Where can the author find the reviewers’ comments?

The reviewers’ comments will be sent to the author through the journal’s online system. Entering the User Name and Password, the author can access the comments in her/his personal page.

How can the author resubmit a revised version of her/his manuscript?

Sending the revised version of the manuscript through e-mail is not accepted in this journal. Resubmitting the manuscripts should be done through the journal's online submission system. The revised manuscript should be sent via the same ID as the original one.

How can I trace my paper?

When your manuscript passes a step the journals online system sends an information email for the corresponding author.

When the online version will be on site?

The new online journal will be on site on 6th Jan/5th Apr/7th July/8th Oct of every year.

Is there any charge for publication in this journal?

There are no charges for publica‚ÄĆtion in this Journal.

What is the copyright policy of PSJ?

All articles published in PSJ are universally and freely available online. Upon acceptance by the journal, all copyright ownership for the articles is transferred to patient safety and quality improvement journal.

What is the plagiarism policy of this journal?

Every manuscript submitted for publication to our journal, is checked for plagiarism after submission and before being sent to an editor for editorial review.
The percentage of plagiarism is calculated by software and also assessed manually.
The manuscripts in which plagiarism is detected are handled based on the extent of plagiarism present in the manuscript.
<25% plagiarism: the manuscript is assigned a manuscript ID and is immediately sent back to the authors for content revision.
>25% plagiarism: The manuscript is not assigned a manuscript ID and rejected without editorial review. The authors are advised to revise the plagiarized parts of the manuscript and resubmit it as a fresh manuscript.