Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2021 

Original Article

Patient Safety Indicators in Clinical Laboratories: An Exploratory Survey among Costa Rican Laboratory Professionals

Pages 3-17


Daniel Quesada-Yamasaki; Johan Alvarado-Ocampo; Ana Lucía Chinchilla-Ureña; Edgardo Arce-Soto

Role of Patient Safety Incident Reporting Systems in Home Hospitalization

Pages 19-27


Laura De la Torre-Pérez; Carme Hernández-Carcereny; Isabel Fortes Bazaga; Andreu Prat-Marin; Maria-Jesus Bertran Luengo

Original Article

Hematological and Biochemical Parameters Associated with Mortality in COVID-19 Infection and Their Correlation with Smoking

Pages 41-46


sahar sobhani; Azar kazemi; Forough kalantari; salman soltani; saba vakili; Amir yarahmadi; Mahla Rahimi; Atena Aghaee

Original Article

Viewpoints of Nurses and Therapeutic Staff toward Patient Safety Culture: A Case Study in Ardabil, Iran

Pages 55-60


somayeh Zeynizadeh-Jeddi; Mahzad Yousefian; Frouz Amani; Akbar Pirzadeh; Maryam Farajifard