Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 346-387 

Original Article

Patient Safety from a Different Perspective: An Evaluation of the Type of Foods and Drinks Visitors Bring for Postoperative Patients

Pages 346-350

Seher Ünver; Zeynep Kızılcık Özkan; Hatice Merve Alptekin; Sacide Yıldızeli Topçu

The Relationship between Organizational Justice and Turnover Intention: A Survey on Hospital Nurses

Pages 358-362

Mobin Sokhanvar; Edris Hasanpoor; Soodeh Hajihashemi; Edris Kakemam

Attitude toward the Patient Safety Culture in healthcare systems

Pages 363-368

Fereydoon Laal; Babak Fazli; Davoud Balarak; Forouzan Dalir; Mahdi Mohammadi; Ramazan Mirzaei

Comparison of Patient-Controlled Analgesia Using Morphine With and Without Paracetamol in Postoperative Pain Control

Pages 375-378

Mehryar Taghavi Gilani; Alireza Bameshki; Arash Peivandi Yazdi; Reihaneh Hasanzadeh