Application of the 5S-KAIZEN Approach in Improving the Productivity and Quality of the Healthcare System: An Operational Research

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine-Fayoum University, Egypt.

2 public health department-faculty of medicine -fayoum university


Introduction: Quality is an important index in various aspects of life. The 5S-KAIZEN method is widely applied for the improvement of work environments. This systematic approach is fundamentally used to enhance the quality of services in all types of organizations. The present study aimed to assess the application of the 5S-KAIZEN approach in improving the quality of care provision in hospitals and evaluate its effects on the job satisfaction of the healthcare providers.
Materials and Methods: This interventional, operational research was conducted at a teaching hospital. In-depth interviews were performed to obtain the viewpoints of the physicians, and group discussions were held for nurses in order to assess their satisfaction with the implementation of the 5S-KAIZEN approach in the work environment.
Results:Patient-hospital cycle time decreased by more than 50% after implementing the 5S-KAIZEN approach. In addition, the healthcare professionals believed that applying the 5S-KAIZEN approach saved time, money, and efforts, while reducing their daily workload and stress.
Conclusion: According to the results, the 5S-KAIZEN approach could improve the standards in the healthcare work environment, support the safe practices leading to high-quality and efficient care services, enhance productivity at a low cost, and increase the satisfaction of the healthcare staff with their professional image and communication with the other personnel.