The Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Physicians and Nurses toward Adverse Event Reporting System in Primary Health Care Setting

Document Type : Original Article


1 Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, College of Nursing, University of Hail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2 Quality Coordinator, National Guard Hospital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Introduction: To determine the influence of physicians and nurses’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Occurrence, Variance and Accident or OVA Reporting System usage in order to improve and to contribute to patient safety. 
Materials and Methods: The study utilized a quantitative research methodology specifically descriptive design. The samples of this study were primary health care physicians and nurses working at NGHA, Saudi Arabia. A hard copy of the survey was distributed to two Primary Care Centers which are Yarmook and Khashim ala’an. 
Results:Most of the physicians and nurses had a good knowledge of OVA utilization (89.5%), although nurses were more likely than physicians to have good knowledge (94% vs. 53.6%) and to have a better practice level of the OVA system (82.1% vs. 52.4%). In another point, physicians were more likely to have negative attitude toward the OVA system than nurses (71.4% vs.42.9%). A significant difference emerged between physicians’ and nurses’ KAP toward the OVA reporting system and nationality, language, and working site as revealed by the results.
Conclusion:This was the first survey to assess nurses’ and physicians’ KAP toward the use of the OVA reporting system among primary health care level in Saudi Arabia. Apparently, 6% of the participants were not aware of the existing OVA reporting system. The findings of the survey demonstrated that nurses had better knowledge and practice and a less negative attitude to the system.